Meeting Anthony Bourdain + Q&A


Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet notable celebrity chef and television superstar Anthony Bourdain during his tour of North America. During his short stay in Toronto, Bourdain stood before thousands of adoring fans at the Sony Centre to discuss all things food, the future of television, and US politics. His sense of humour emulated through the crowd, a side we don't often see in more serious episodes of Parts Unknown



Here are three questions answered by the Appetites author.


1. What was the worst meal that you've ever had?

"A sad pre-cooked burger with some pre-made fries from Johnny Rockets at 12AM, depressing."


2. How often do you get sick?

"I've only been sick three times in 16 years. Our crew knows all the tricks to avoiding getting sick. Sometimes you can't. The culprits are never what you'd expect, it's not the local food, it's the spaghetti bolognese from back at the hotel that'll get you."


3. Favourite Toronto restaurant?

"The Black Hoof."




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