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Karla Schaus

This year my Italian Orange Soda Twist mocktail stole the show, or as my guests called it- the mocktail italiano! Every holiday party usually has more than a few designated drivers, so I feel it is always important to include them in the drinking- without the alcohol. This year's feature was a show-stopper, and g...

This is by far my favourite recipe for pizza dough from Southern Italy, it yields a very rustic pizza with crust that is lightly crisp! My grandmother made this with me growing up and it is truly outstanding, stretches perfectly for a great dough every time. So many good memories making this with her! 


I cannot believe the holidays are already upon us, it seems hard to believe that we are well into December now. I've put together some great stocking stuffer/small gift items for this season! Let's get down to business.

The Scrub Daddy

This versatile scrubber is perfect for all kinds of cleaning tasks, the round, smilin...

Recently I was introduced to the Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo. I've always loved Korean skincare and I was so excited to learn about the First Care Activating Serum- a now essential first step in my skincare routine. Sulwhasoo is by no secret definition, a heritage luxury beauty brand of over 80 years, belonging to...

Okay fellow Fantasy Football friends and sports betters, we are now in week #7! I have been adding lots of active updates on Instagram stories for my picks but so many of you have asked for them in writing for this week- so here we go, a quick check in! 

It looks as though New York Giants will get a real boos...

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