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Karla Schaus

There’s nothing that excites me quite as much as the news of a brand new kosher cookbook. The New Kosher by Montreal native Kim Kushner is currently one of my favourites. The book is filled with full-page photographs that really capture the beauty of each dish. I feel as if most people get stuck in a rut of routine me...

I love spring rolls so much. As far as food goes, lifting a perfectly golden spring roll off of a pan for a crisp bite- that's tough to top! I've created what I feel is an authentic and delicious appetizer, the vegetable spring (imperial) roll of 2016. 




2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup thinly...

Happy New Year! Just recently I tried vegan tacos (twice in one week) and I have to say, they're absolutely amazing. A lot of people probably assume that vegan meat is made of tofu but this meat is made from walnuts. I love tacos a lot but honestly, I realized that it wasn't the ground beef that I craved it was the fl...

Guess who got a cotton candy maker?! It works really well and it was seriously fun making this yummy treat! 


Hi lovely readers~

Over the past two weeks I've been so busy! I finished my final exams, and put an end to my second-last semester of university. I've probably driven hundreds of miles over the past two weeks too, spending time with interesting and insightful people in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Toronto, Vaughn, Han...

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